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While KRS endeavors to provide pre-sale information that is accurate as of the time of its input, it is not generated by KRS and so KRS does not guarantee its accuracy. The auction sale of each property is set at the request of the case plaintiff, which is free to revise its instructions to KRS at any time prior to the date and time of the scheduled auction. Consequently, prior to the date and time of the auction KRS cannot be certain whether the sale will be canceled, be continued to another date, or proceed (and, if so, what the plaintiff’s bid(s) will be); and so any information to that effect on this docket is provisional – that is, subject to change without notice. As to the location of each property on this docket, prospective bidders should rely only on the “legal description” of the property in the published notice of the foreclosure sale. For the foregoing reasons, the reliability of this calendar is limited, and so KRS is not liable for any errors or omissions, or for a change in the status of a case that is not reflected on this docket. NOTE: KRS has no information as to the status of properties for which the plaintiff lender was the successful bidder at a KRS auction, and no knowledge as to whom to contact respecting the possible purchase of “REO” (bank owned) properties. In general, REO properties are placed on the open market through real estate agents.


All auctions take place at 12:30 p.m. at the offices of Kallen Realty Services, Inc.


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